Wayne Hemingway, Vintage at Goodwood

“Brita was indispensible in helping to organise, produce and stage the art elements of Vintage at Goodwood. The event needed a team that was able to work hard, remain positive and always be able to find creative solutions. Brita fitted into this team perfectly”    

Polly Rae, The Soho Burlesque Club

“Brita is an integral part of the Soho Burlesque club, her organised, calm demure and style ensures all artists and crew feel safe and well looked after. With her at the helm of the show, it always runs like a dream!”

Jim Angell, Swim Productions

“We’ve worked with Brita on a number of projects and used her skills to recommend and book amazing artists/entertainers and to stage manage the chaos we often present her with. She’s proved time and again to be professional, unflappable and amiable. For us, it’s simple, why work with anyone else?”

Stephen Malit, The Unfairground, Glastonbury Festival

“Running the Unfairground at Glastonbury in 2013 for the first time was a daunting proposition. The first call I made was to Brita. She came on board straight away, with enthusiasm, dedication and above all loads of experience in all the key areas of event management and execution. Brita is the backbone of the operation, I can’t imagine the field without her.”

Ruby Blues, The Swamp Shack Bestival

“I first worked with Brita many years ago when she came on board as a Production Assistant for the Trash City show at the Roundhouse. From the first day she started work on the project Brita became an indispensable member of the team. Extremely capable and untiringly upbeat, willing and focused, she was an utter delight to work with, something that was commented on by various members of the cast and crew. When we launched The Swamp Shack at Bestival I initially employed Brita as Production Assistant and Artist Liaison but by the third year I had handed over the reigns to her as Production Manager for the whole project. I have total trust in Brita’s abilities – she thinks of everything before you have time to – and handles every possible aspect of production with utter professionalism, efficiency and buckets of personal charm. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Karen Hall, Holt Festival

“Brita is an asset to any production team, from pre production to live event Brita’s professionalism, determination and calm temperament are invaluable. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Helen Stoneley, The Bo Nanafana Social Club

“Brita has Stage Managed Bo Nanafana for 7 Years. Not only does she ensure the smooth running of our events and the well being of our many artists, she takes time to help promote our nights with her clever use of social media above and beyond the call of duty. She’s very much part of the Bo Nanafana family!”

Ian Bruce, The Correspondents

‘Under Miss Young you could not be in safer hands. Every need is catered for with style and panache even in the muddiest of situations.’  

Lucinda Garland, Strummer Of Love

“I can’t recommend Brita enough after her endless hard work on Strummer Of Love. Her unfailing smiles and kind demeanor, patience and incredible knack of making all moments seem bright and positive. She is an absolute gem and we couldn’t have managed without her.”    

Bridey Watson, Missmanage

“I’ve employed Brita many times and have always found her a utter pleasures to work with. Her friendly approach never fails to rally and focus a tired team. She has a wide range of experience and skills. Proactive, loyal and hard working, you can count on her to get every detail finished to the highest standard. I highly recommend Brita. She is a brilliant team player and would make a great asset to any organisation.”  

Dave DJ78

“In the world of stage management, Ms Brita Young runs a very tight ship. Her consummate professionalism and well-honed skills give her the ability to juggle any number of performers with effortless grace and charm. Having worked with her on many occasions, I can honestly say that the acts really appreciate the effort that she puts in to make their work stress-free and fun – although we’ll never be as glamorous, she makes us all look good! Brita has experience on almost every size of stage in a variety of venues at a multitude of events throughout Great Britain and Europe, where performers at all levels are always delighted to see her in the wings!”