Boomtown Fair

Production Manager 2016 Production Manager for the ‘Revolutionaries’, a group on 130 performers including fire, aerial, dancers and walkabout.  They performed across site on three of the major stages. This culminated in a final performance at ‘Sector 6’ Boomtown’s newest stage with a huge show including all the performers, video, laser, pyro and a crowd of an estimated 30,000 enjoying the show.    

The Great Brain Robbery at Standon Calling

Artist Production and Stage Manager 2016 The Great Brain Robbery is a night of high-caliber rock ‘n’ roll, presenting new talent alongside firm favorites. Bands, djs and performance artists are all mixed into a potent concoction of sound and sensation as the liquor takes hold of the cranium. “Brita is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone who requires a reliable, hard-working and fun individual who is able to organize people efficiently and calmly while at the same time remaining calm and fun, keeping everyone’s spirits up! She made my life infinitely easier!” Gus Robertson, Producer

Strummer Of Love

Production Manager 2012 A one-off festival for 3,000 held in Somerset to mark the 10th anniversary of the death of Strummer, the legendary Clash frontman. “I can’t recommend Brita enough after her endless hard work on Strummer Of Love. Her unfailing smiles and kind demeanour, patience and incredible knack of making all moments seem bright and positive. She is an absolute gem and we couldn’t have managed without her.” – Lucinda Garland, Strummer Of Love