4347-B&W-webBrita Young is a natural facilitator with over ten years experience in the events and festival industry. During this time she has fine-tuned her skills in production management, stage management and accomplished artist booker for bands, circus and cabaret.

Her previous projects have included production managing large-scale festival arenas such as Glastonbury Festival’s the Unfairground and arts festivals and events including Holt Festival and Icy Gays at the ICA.

Through the diversity of her experience in all aspects of the events industry, Brita has developed a natural aptitude for applying her organisational and collaborative skills across the board.  Importance is placed on producing to a high-level whilst maintaining an approachable and empathetic demeanour. Her dedication, people skills and attention to detail ensure she delivers results to a consistently high degree.

Inspired by those with imaginative vision and artistry, Brita’s commitment is to bring her passion for production to create a stress-free, solid foundation to bring your creative ideas to life.

Thank you’s and Credits

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